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PLEASE DONATE FIRST. After your donation, book your Free Ride or 50% Discounted Ride. It is valid when you book within 30 miles from or to O'hare and Midway Airport. Donate $2 more for each additional mile after 30 miles. Up to 6 Passengers. Gratuity, and Airport Tax ($4) are not included. Please make reservation by December 31, 2020. Free Rides are limited to 3 Rides. 50% discount and Free Rides can only be used for Sedan or SUV for Airport Transfers. Cannot be combined with any other offer. 


  • Donate $35, receive 50%  OFF 1 RIDE

  • Donate $65, receive 1 FREE SEDAN RIDE

  • Donate, $85, receive 1 FREE SUV RIDE

  • Donate $130, receive 3 FREE SEDAN RIDES

  • Donate $170, receive 3 FREE SUV RIDES



Our cause as a small business is to assist the Greater Chicago Food Depository. We understand our goal to donate 100,000+ meals will not solve hunger, but it help so many people in need and your generosity is welcomed.  Join us by donating to our virtual food drive. Thank you so much for your care and willingness to help kids, veterans, seniors, and families.  Please share this opportunity to help and we appreciate your caring spirit. Stay healthy, optimistic, loving, and blessed!


We are grateful for your support!

Grid Transportation  Service Team

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